Johnny White - 7 Colour Laser

All new professional Laser now with white effects, and much more choose from 7 colours
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Yes thats right we bring to Australasia , a white laser that can change to 7 different colours

 The Johnny White PRO White Star – Flexilight brings you the world's first optically generated white light star effect laser with color change and controllable rotation. The PRO WHITE STAR is well used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Hundreds of fine, clearly visible and randomly distributed laser dots look like a real starry sky and illuminate trees, plants and buildingsat a large scan angle or draws attention at every party, even at Halloween, Christmas, etc.. The colors of the laser as well as dim and color chase effects can be controlled by a radio remote control. The Johjnny White STAR PRO White Star has a durable and IP65 waterproof aluminium housing with a metal stake, what makes it particularly suitable for effective lighting in gardens, at ponds, pools, on balconies and outdoor areas .

Features of the PRO WHITE STAR:

  • bright RGB whitelight laser sources
  • rotating laser effects
  • hundreds of fine dots of light like a starry sky
  • waterproof housing (IP65)
  • incl. base for solid stand on the ground. Also suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
  • incl. stake with two extensions for easy mounting in the garden
  • maintenance-free
  • temperature range from -20°C up to +40°C

The Johnny White STAR PRO White Star – it also has the following functions

  • 7 Color/5 Brightness/4 Patterns/3 Speed Option and Static/Motion Modes: Green/Red/Blue/Teal/Yellow/Pink/White,the first full color laser projector you could even found on Flexilight,projecting a beautiful starfield with 4 different moving patterns (Chasing/Pulse/Fade/Twinkle) at 3 speed (Slow/Medium/Fast) and 5 brightness for different occasions.
  • 3 Auto Timer Modes: Press the 4H/6H/8H botton and a laser dot will flash for 3 times, indicating the previous timer has been reset and the device will be on for 4/6/8 hours then off for 20/18/16 hours automatically everyday. Default time mode is 6 hours on and 18 hours off.
  • Safe for using: FDA approved ClassIIIA laser projector,max out put less than 5mW,with IP65 light casing and IP44 power adapter,works for most weather without problem. And there is a security hole to lock this laser light,no worry getting stolen.
  • Large Projection Coverage: Beams cover up to 1,600 square feet from a distance of 26 feet.It's perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, camping, pool decoration, and anything else you can think of.
  • Come with extension stakes for outdoor use and base for indoor use,and all setting could be done with the 13 buttons remote control. All with 12 months warranty.


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