Differences in Lasers

Basically the more you pay the better the laser, but every Laser here with give you an effect you will be amazed by.

King John - 3 Lasers in One, option to push Halloween Pictures, Christmas Pictures or Fireflys

Steel Case , lights shine over 20 metres x 20 Metres ,

RED , GREEN & BLUE Colours with Remote

Big John - RED, GREEN & BLUE FIREFLYS, Shine 20 metres x 20 Metres Steel Case with Remote

Johnny Patterns - 20 different patterns randomly scroll, RED , GREEN & BLUE Light effects

Shines over 15 metres x 15 metres

Little Johnny - RED, GREEN, & BLUE Firefly effects Shines 15 metre x 15 metres,

smaller compact case With Remote

John Boy - Your Starter Laser - RED & GREEN Firefly effects Shines 10 Metres x 10 Metres , 

Johnny X - Shines Christmas figures over a house or wall , RED, GREEN & BLUE with Remote

Best effects over 10 metres x 10 metres

LED Projector 12 Themes - A Projector not a laser but still puts out a great light,

Interchangeable themes for during the years party best over 10 Metres



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55f1e8_8f3a5e3b3fef4873a70c699404d03ec9~mv2 Rating: Not Rated Yet

Johnny White - 7 Colour Laser

All new professional Laser now with...


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laser Rating: Not Rated Yet
laser3 Rating: Not Rated Yet
12-themes-patterns Rating: Not Rated Yet
laser6 Rating: Not Rated Yet
new-suny-outdoor-laser-light-garden-landscape-remote-projector-20-patterns-rg-rotate-moving-outdoors-garden Rating: Not Rated Yet
insertpic_(07-26-08-06-12)(1)-(1) Rating: Not Rated Yet

John Snow - 12W LED Snowflakes

John Snow - New and Improved now 12W, a...


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Johnny 4 is Alive

Johnny 4 comes with 4 different Modes...


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