Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose our brand of projectors? 

           1. Brighter output laser diodes than any other brand

           2. Remote controllers with a variety of features and control from up to 20 Metres away!

           3. Trailed in New Zealand Conditions for 3 years

           4. Our Lasers have RED / GREEN AND BLUE colours showing at the same time with a choice of switching to Individual colours or combinations with remote.

5.Vibrantly rich colors with commercial rating

           6. Full metal contruction with no plastic parts

           7. Fast & Free Courier 1-3 Day Shipping from New Zealand (Delivery times may vary depending on current supply and demand)

            8. 12 Month Warranty

            9. New Zealand owned and operated


     --  Since 2013, we have been supplying the highest quality laser projectors available.  With over 1,000 satisfied customers  Unlike other lower powered brands,  we use in-house 100mW state-of-the-art laser diodes and high grade diffraction optics.  Our lasers provide the brightest yet safest display around period.

        --  We  provide Triple color laser models with hand held remote controllers.  This is just not seen in other brands.  Why spend over $150 for a one color laser projector, when you can get three colors in one for just slightly more. 

 What are the functions of the included remote controller?

   -- Yes, all our laser projectors come with handheld remote controllers.  Operational range up to 5 metres away depending on location!  These remotes feature many options including...  

Color Selection - Disable one color if desired or select any combination of colour

Strobe Mode     - Have the colour(s) flash on and off

Color Switch      - Have the colours change at random automatically

Power On/Off   - Turn the unit on or off with a simply click of a button from up to 5 Metres away 

Movement*      - Have the lasers move in an endless display of wonder at a steady moving speed.  Or stop it at any time to fine tune the effect you are going for.

Interval Timer   - Set the laser to turn off/on at desired pre set hour intervals.    

We also warn that there has been a large surge of replicas and/or look-a-like versions of our brand using housings that are very similar to ours in outside appearance during the past year.  However, the internal components are heavily altered from ours with lesser effects, reliability and quality.  Furthermore, many of these replicas use non-safety rated power adapters which have been known to short out during use due to improper voltage requirements.  Causing spark and sometimes fire.  

 Many of these replicas are found on internet auction websites and/or large internet retailers.  

How can I secure my laser projector?

          --  All orders  now come with our new indoor flat stand/wall mount security plate or a garden stake.  Not only does this new mount allow use indoors on flat surfaces, but also allows the projector to be mounted on a variety of surfaces to keep out of reach.  It can be secured to flat surfaces such as the side of your home, garage or even mounted to a tree limb. .

Can I use a standard outdoor wall outlet timer?

          --  Yes, any standard wall outlet timer will work with our projectors.  However, they should never be connected to any dimmer type lighting switches.

What colors do our lasers come in?

        -- Our lasers come in mainly our new Static & Moving Red+Green+Blue (RGB) lasers.

Do we carry a white laser projector?

         -- We are currently working on a white laser model and have a few working prototypes.  White lasers are very involved and expensive to make.  As they require three seperate lasers to come together at a specific frequency and project together through the same outlet.  We get many requests for white and we are working to bring the production costs down to a more consumer pricing level.  We expect to have our white projector available in early 2018

Do we offer moving lasers?

        -- Yes we do.  Our new Moving RGB laser has the optional feature of movement.  Select the speed from Slow, Fast or a Static non-moving display.  Use the provided handheld remote controller to select your choice.

How many will I need to cover my house?

      -- On average, your common two story house will only need one of our projectors for good coverage.  Granted, the laser must be placed at least 20-25 feet away to obtain this.  Many of our customers like to use one projector on their home and one per medium sized tree if desired.  Since trees are not as wide as houses, the projector does not need to be placed as far away for maximum coverage.

Which color is the brightest?

      -- Like every other laser on the market today, green is the most bright.  Because our products are operated by laser beams, the laws of physics in regards to wavelength intensities must be taken into account.  Green is the most easily recognized color by the human eye.  Red colored lasers have a longer wavelength, meaning their is less energy transferred at one time so it will appear dimmer with less dots even when operated at the same output power level of other colors.  Whereas, the color green has a shorter and faster wavelength so it transfers energy more frequently, so it appears brighter with a more concentration of dots.

Can they only be used for Christmas lighting?

     -- No.  Many of our customers use our laser projectors for year round landscape lighting.  Sporting events to show their team pride as well as other holidays beyond Christmas such as St Patricks Day, Valantines Day and the Fourth of July!  They also look beautiful in wedding ceremonies.

Are the colors interchangable?

       -- No, the laser diodes are soldered inside their housings and are not interchangeable. 

Do our projectors remember settings?

      -- If power is unplugged, our projectors will not remember previous settings.  As in timer inverval settings, color selection etc.  If power is left connected, the projectors will continue with pre set settings.

How well do the lasers appear when used with traditional lighting?

     -- To create the biggest "wow" effect, we recommend using our lasers alone.  Any other ambient lighting will decrease the overall brightness and start to diminish the laser dot spread.  They are still very noticeable, but are just not quite as spectacular.

Are our lasers waterproof?

     -- Yes, all our lasers housings are IP65 rated and are 100% sealed and waterproof.  However, they cannot be submerged under water.  Also, the connection between the power adapter and wall outlet or extension cord (if used) is not protected and water and/or snow can seap in causing the power adapter to short out and fail.  Therefore, we recommend purchasing a "waterproof extension cord safety case" that are available at Mitre 10 or Bunnings

What temperatures outdoors can our laser projectors handle?

     -- Our laser projectors are built to operate in outdoor temperatures from 0 - 45C.  In temperatures below freezing (32F) 

What is included with each laser purchase?

     -- Main laser unit, remote controller, transformer, yard stake and easy to follow instructions.  

What is the life expectancy of our lasers?


     -- When used properly as per our instructions, our lasers will last over 8,000 hours.  That equates to over two years if used daily for 8 hours per day!

Are the lasers dangerous?

    -- All our lasers are projected through diffraction glass which splits the single laser beam down into thousands of dots of lesser output power.  Each of these laser dots are rated at less than 1mW.  For reference, your standard laser pointer available in many stores around the country are rated at 4-5mW and are Class 1 "ultra low ouput" laser diodes.  

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