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Flexilight NZ has been supplying the New Zealand public and businesses since 2005 with Quality lighting & Quality products , We have sourced the highest quality products in the World, We Guarantee Quality with our products, yes our products do cost a little more but everybody knows "You get what you pay for" Flexilight has a great understanding of your needs, and will talk through any Ideas or designs. Unlike other companies we use our own lighting on our business and in our homes. Choose whether you order online, all pictures are of true descriptions of our products, couriered to your door, or visit our Showroom in Hawkes Bay, if coming from outside Hawkes Bay an appointment is advised.

The General Manager lights up his own home every year with lights please see below, so can talk to you about Ideas and any problems.

We are based in the beautiful Hawkes Bay but courier FREE all Around the country.

If you would like to visit our showroom Appointments are nessecary if you want the full Flexilight treatment, or ring us between 9am – 8pm 7 days a week

Flexilight Lights and Products have a 12 month Guarantee as long as they are sent back or bought back to us for Inspection

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